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Style Inspiration: Downton Abbey

Are you as addicted to Downton Abbey as I am? Season 3 premiered last weekend, and I can't wait for the next episode. Filmed at Highclere Castle and set at the end of the Edwardian Era, Downton’s interiors encompass the eclectic range of styles and influences from the late Victorian to late Edwardian era. While I adore the story, it's the interiors, furniture, luscious fabrics and gorgeous clothing that keeps me waiting with great anticipation each week.


What’s New: The Right Accessory

Just in.........these lovely glass Intaglio Necklaces, and shiny bright Victoria Opulence Jewelry...sure to bring a smile and touch of style to your fall warderobe.

Beautiful, carved intaglios used for personal adornment have cast their romantic spell over people's imaginations for thousands of years. Intaglios are the reverse of a cameo in which a recessed portrait image is etched into the surface. Originally intaglios were used as a seal or wax stamp to seal a letter or important document by the owner.

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